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  • Beachfront restaurant Weh Island
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  • Beachfront cafe Weh Island
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Beachfront accommodation in Pulau Weh Island restaurant
Overlooking the beach, our restaurant enjoys a breathtaking view of the colors of the sea and the island of Seulako which breaks the vastness of the ocean. Huge old mangrove trees provide a relaxing and natural setting in which to relax in a comfortable hammock or eat our meals whilst you enjoy the sea breeze. To our guests we serve traditional dishes of Indonesian and Achenese food added to a vast menu of Italian cuisine, for which we are one of the few representatives on the island. Some types of pasta of the traditional Emilian are prepared at home according to the simple traditions of our grand mothers. Fish barbeque, chicken and pizza are prepared and served according to the best local and Italian traditions. We have caffe espresso and dessert to conclude our menu. We do not use mono sodium gluttamanato (MSG) in any of our dishes.

Our activities

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Beachfront accommodation in Pulau Weh Island activities

Snorkeling, diving, fishing, local cooking classes, boat tours and motorbike, access to a small library, organized trips in North Sumatra, fun is the possibility organized directly by Bixio Weh beachfront accomodation Bungalows or in collaboration with the best operators of the island.

There is the possibility to have WIFI connections.

For personalized tours in North Sumatra, trekking, rafting, snorkeling, kitesurf and much more just visit Sumatravventura page or contact us at info@bixiowehbungalows.com or by phone: 

Luca EN/IT +62 (0)821 6616 7091
Eva ID/EN/IT +62 (0)821 6430 1071

Tours and activities

Drawing on our long and direct experience of the field, we offer personalized tours in North Sumatra and different activities:

Jungle trekkings: 1 to 14 days, different areas of Gunung Leuser National Park
Rafting: 1 or 2 days, from beginners (1/2°) to very experienced (3/5°) rafters
Volcanoes: craters of active volcanoes, sulfur baths in natural pools
Diving and snorkeling: all levels PADI courses, dives, snorkeling, excursions
Fishing trips: from 1 to many days by boat with specialized guide
Surfing and Kitesurf: courses with an expert instructor, beginners/experts

Check all our activities on Sumatravventura

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